Friday, September 28, 2007

Sore Tootsies

My feet were killing me. I was at Mile 7 in my long run this past Sunday, and the soles of my feet felt as if I'd trodden on sharp rocks for all seven miles. And I still had six to go.

We had driven down from Tahoe the afternoon before, and we were in the East Bay visiting E.'s mom for a day before heading back to LA. I ran here (Pamela, you probably run this trail all of the time), a fairly non-scenic trail, unless you count fences and highway underpasses scenic.

It was the first time I'd logged a long run in my new Pearl Izumi Synchro-Floats. And it will be the last. The shoe's description says it has "enhanced cushioning," but I definitely felt every pebble and crack of the tarmac each time my feet hit the ground. My right heel is still sore five days later!

So what gives? I'm a fairly efficient and light (108-lb.) runner. Perhaps I pronate more than I thought - this shoe is more for supinators.

Thank you!: To all of the folks who gave me suggestions on which marathon to run in January. I think Carlsbad may just be the ticket. The Surf City Marathon looks like a lot of fun, but its February date is a bit late for me. The Phoenix RNR Marathon looks great, but I don't have time to travel, alas.


  1. Bex, I have my feet propped up too! I have been on my feet for the past two days working at the Lake Tahoe Marathon Expo! It was great fun but boy am I exhausted! I can't wait to home to get back to my foot messager.

  2. I haven't run any marathons, yet. My dad does two or three a year and has been doing so for like 10 years or so. haha

    I recently did an open ocean race and told my dad i wanted to try a marathon, so he offered to fly out to Hawaii and run the Honolulu marathon with me.

    He said it's a good starter because it's mostly flat... except for the diamond head part, which is doable. i run around diamond a couple of times a few times a week to train. Also, it starts at 5am, so it wont be hot at all...but beauty? beyond belief.

  3. YESSSSS! I think you'll enjoy Carlsbad. Now I'll have to be sure to make it up there and be part of your support team. I think Phil in AZ ("Running in the Sun") is doing it again. I'm soooo happy right now -- and, admittedly, really hung over.

  4. Did you say "I don't have time to travel?"

    Okay you; where's Bex? What did you do with her?

  5. Sore feet aside, how is the running at sea level? Are you faster? Do you feel more fit?

    Too bad about the shoes. You should send a letter of complaint to Pearl Izumi. Maybe they will give you a freebie of something else.

  6. Hey yo, I thought that Iron Horse sounded familiar. I ran that some months back when I was in Walnut Creek, or Concord, or one or the other. You're right, it wasn't that scenic, but it beat running on the street.

  7. sorry about the sore feet! isn't pearl the company that made those ads about only fast runners are real runners, and everyone got mad at them? def write them a letter!

    you don't have time to travel...????? cuz you are ... doing what exactly?