Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Tiny Bubbles ..."

Cue Don Ho. Ever since I was a kid, I loved hula. I loved the graceful moves of the beautiful, long-haired dancers and their hypnotic hip-swaying. My interest was rekindled in our two recent trips to Hawaii.

But I never had the chance to take lessons. Until now.

I had my first hula-dance class this morning at a local community college. I was one of about 20 women - many of them Asian-American - in the class. Many of them stomped around, flat-footed. Shake those hips, girls!

I bent my knees for more hip sway, a tip a hula-expert friend of mine gave me. But our kumu (teacher), admonished me, "Don't go up and down. That's an advanced move! Get the basics first." And she had me move back a row.

Well, geeez.

She leads a local hula-dance troupe that performs for corporate events and in the Rose Bowl Parade. The dancers wear leis made of pink and red roses (swoon). So one of my goals this coming year - besides qualifying for Boston - is to get into this dance troupe.

I know. I'm such a girl.

More miles, please: But enough of that. Now I've got to log at least several miles. Tomorrow is my long run. 15 miles, here I come.


  1. the hula lessons sound like fun! I love hawaiian music - both the kitschy stuff and the more traditional kind.

  2. I just spoke with my daughter who is taking a class in Oceanic Art. She has to do a group project that demonstrates an understanding of Pacific Island Community. Her project? - hula lessons!

    Too bad your teacher won't let you go hog wild. My daughter took belly dancing for a while so may do some advanced moves ahead of the class, too.

  3. It's the little coconut bra thingies that work for me ...

  4. what fun! you'll be back up front in no time. ignore those two boys....

  5. Sounds like fun! I think the little girl in all of us never lets go of the ballerina (or hula-dancer :-) ) dream.