Friday, October 12, 2007

Droopy Drawers

So there I was, in the midst of running 800 meters on the track, feeling fine, when I started to feel my drawers slip. Uh-oh. My right hand flew to my waist and experimentally patted my backside.

Yep. My underwear was heading south. And in a hurry. I was in such a rush to change into running clothes that I forgot to change my underwear - an old pair whose elastic was giving out - into a pair of running skivvies.

"Well," I thought, not sure whether to laugh or curse. "This is awkward."

Still running, I grabbed a fistful of running skirt/underwear and ran as best I could. We were in the middle of the track workout (by the way, that's my new track in the photo), and I had just led my group in 1 X 1200 and 1 X 1000.

I think some of the other runners thought I was bluffing, that I was just tired. I wish. I was raring to go.

But I really didn't want to lose my underwear on the track. Especially since they were a really ugly pair of grandma-looking bloomers (!).

I ran the second 800 and then a 400 still clutching my underwear with my right hand, my speed noticeably slower. One runner took pity on me and gave me her iPod nano to clip onto my underwear and hold them up.

That kind of worked. But I was worried about the nano falling off and breaking. So I kept looking down. And every time I did, I slowed down. Still ran 1:37 in that 400.

But in the last rep - a 200 - when we were supposed to sprint as hard as we could, I DID feel the nano start slipping. Along with my underwear. They dropped almost to mid-thigh before I put on the brakes. I came in close to last place.

Ah, well. Lesson learned. Buy new skivvies. And make sure they're snug. Sexy wouldn't hurt, either.


  1. Oh man, I lost my shorts in the New York City Marathon and know how you feel. Had to cinch them up with a pin from my running bib.

    Would love to meet up for an hour on Monday while you're in town! Do you still have my email address?

  2. Well, that's one way for me to run faster than you can. Keep it "up" :-)

  3. Oops!

    Bex, so sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. Welcome back to So Cal. You had asked about a training group. It looks like you may have already found yours.

    In Pasadena the two running stores, Snails Pace and Run with Us both have groups. I hang out with a group in Brea/Yorba Linda. I know there's another group in Arcadia, the Foothill Flyers.

    I've added you to my bloglines and will try to keep up to date. It's fun having a connection with other local blogger/runners.

  4. I am appalled that you would allow such bloomers to live in your wardrobe. Are you sure the movers didn't deliver the wrong box?

  5. hahaha this is so funny we both posted about loose underwear at the same time! Great blog!

  6. oh dear. that's almost as good as some of my running exploits. very awkward indeed! but it makes good blog, and that's ultimately what counts!

    you know exactly what i would have done, don't you...

  7. That is hysterical! What you needed was a barette with a great grip.

  8. A post about droopy drawers. A rant about re-touched photos. California has gotten to you already.

  9. You had me rolling on the floor. Thanks for the mental holiday.

  10. "That was very funny," said Ryan. "Hysterical" said Juls. You don't seem the type to wear bloomers.

  11. That's too funny! I once wore a pair of running shorts that were a little too old and the elastic/draw string was finished. I had to continually pull them up. Very annoying.

  12. now you're the most popular girl on the track!!!! ;)