Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wrinkled Feet. But They Feel Zippy!

Here are a few more photos from our recent Honolulu Marathon trip. The first is of me showing what the soles of your feet look like after running 26.2 miles while soaking wet. Prune city.

The second one is of two men doing yoga as the sun rose near Diamond Head, oblivious to the thousands of marathoners streaming by them a few hundred yards away. Ommmm!

The third photo is of me at our favorite juice stand in Kauai. Note the Christmas decorations.

Speed Workout: Today was a good running day. I ran my first speed workout - albeit a light one - in months. First, I warmed up for 1.25 miles outside in the cool afternoon air. I ran around the perimeter of my company in the Southern California foothills.

I wasn't near a track, so I jogged into the bare-bones, basement company gym and ran 5 X 800 at 5K pace, or 3:45 (7:30/mile). Rest intervals were a quarter-mile jog. I felt good. Relaxed, even.

I had some zip at the end, so I ran 1 mile at marathon race-pace, in 8:35. Rather, that's the pace I'd like to run at the Carlsbad marathon in four weeks. But I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Yes Bex - it's best not to hold your breath when running. It really slows you down! :-P

  2. Um, thanks for sharing, I think. The facial expression really does it for me :-)

    Will be laying off the prune juice for a while!

  3. You can still see the scar on your right knee from the Nat'l Marathon. Those prune feet don't hold a candle to that badge of honor.

  4. nice job! and you too will now be the proud recipient of a variety of foot fetish commenters.

    the joy!

  5. Feet look fine. Just wrinkly. It's your face that is priceless.

    So Jeanne knows something about foot fetishists?

  6. Great photos! I am looking forward to settling in with the full report in a second... (I am behind).

  7. Nice Photos from Honolulu (including prior posts). Best wishes for the next one.