Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post-Marathon Blahs

I don't have the blues after my DNF at Carlsbad, interestingly enough. Although I came close to despair at Mile 19.65 and wanted to chop off my recalcitrant injured right ankle.

But I do have the blahs. After a few days of being a normal, sedentary American, and because I"m under doctor's orders not to run, I tried the stationery bike for 40 minutes last Thursday. It was meh.

Many, many thanks to all of your kind comments and for your concern. And yes, Rich, Chicago (wait, I mean NYC) is looking mighty fine right about now.

I will be back.

Watch this space.


  1. Well, I have to sign up for NYC first. I think the 3 strikes and you're in has to be 3 consecutive strikes, so this year is my 3rd try. If I get in, NYC will do it for me for the rest of 2008. If I don't ...

  2. I know you will come back stronger than ever!

  3. I still love Chicago. Wish I could get there. Or maybe I don't. I'm cursed. Maybe if I wait a year, I won't be cursed. Might be up to joining you then.

    Anyway, sorry about the injury. I've got a nasty ankle/foot problem, probably caused by uneven walking paths and horrendously step stairs and hills. Hope yours heels quick. Know it had to take a lot to knock you out. Great perserverance though. And seriously, here's to hoping for quick recovery...