Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Tahoe Relay Race Report: Part Deux

Instead of writing about the rest of the Lake Tahoe Relay, I videoblogged it instead.I recount the rest of the race, Legs 3-7, here (click on "watch in high quality" under Views).


  1. 1st thought - hey, that's cheating
    2nd thought - this is really cool ... how did she do that?
    3rd thought - I could never be so lucid on camera.

    Great race report. This is only the 2nd video blog I've seen (I lead a sheltered life). Watching Eric walking around in the background added a surreal element to the report. When we read race reports, we all put ourselves out there on the course and imagine running along with you (or in your case, dreaming about keeping up with you). Watching you talk us through this report sitting in a house, wearing non-running attire, with Eric walking around doing domestic things added an interesting spin.

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey that was fun listening to your race report! Almost as fun as being in the race. So when you say I'm matter of fact in a race, just b/c I tersely let the support crew know that the bottle they tried to give me had too wide a mouth (and i wouldn't take it and demanded a different bottle), that's what you mean? :) J was a real trooper, she is a mother you can tell b/c she took my wet shirt from me w/o a single expression of ewwwwie flittering across her face. Glad you're nasty cold is apparently better.