Sunday, May 22, 2005

Almost like California out there

It's so gorgeous: sunny, 70 degrees, cerulean blue skies. I'm about to meet a friend for brunch, where I'm gonna eat eggs benedict and drink mimosas.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment: Then, to counteract all of that cholesterol and alcohol, I'm going to do a punishing hill workout this evening.

Before I forget: I neglected to finish the very last part of the 3X quiz (see below). So here it is:

three people to whom I say, "tag, you're it":
Jon in Michigan

Coming soon: News on cross-country road trip with E. and Nelson (starts Tuesday!).


  1. Eggs Benedict and mimosa. That reminds me of when I went to Boston in Grad school for a conference. I met a friend there and we walked from the Prudential building downtown, to the the waterfront.

    We had eggs benedict and mimosa for breakfast. :)

  2. Eggs benedict ... I think I had those in Charlottesville about 18 months ago. Mimosa? A wedding reception about 3 years ago.

    As for the 3x profile, I will do mine after the guy ahead of me on the post and in the comments does his. :)