Friday, May 20, 2005


Thanks to mipmup and frecklegirl for the inspiration.

three physical things you like about yourself.
1) Strong legs
2) Eyes
3) Shoulders

three physical things you don't.
1) Toenails
2) Sensitive skin
3) Can't think of a third thing ....

three things that scare you.
1) Injuring my knees or legs
2) Missing deadlines
3) That this is as good as it gets

three of your everyday essentials.
1) Starbucks double shots (I am an addict.)
2) Running or otherwise exercising
3) Perusing the Wall Street Journal's "Personal Journal" section

three things you are wearing now.
1) Fuzzy sage-green sweater
2) Black L.L. Bean leggings
3) Glasses

three of your favorite bands or musical artists.
1) XTC
2) Elvis Costello
3) Bach

three things you want in a relationship.
1) Comfort
2) Laughter
3) Sex

two truths and a lie (which is a lie?).
1) I hate eggs.
2) I was a childhood mime.
3) I bluffed my way through honors algebra.

three physical things that turn you on.
1) Height
2) Eyes
3) Long, lean muscles

three of your favorite hobbies.
1) Running
2) Watching movies
3) Reading in coffeehouses with a double skim extra-dry cappuccino

three things you want to do really badly right now.
1) Brush my teeth - it's late and time to hit the hay
2) Throw away the empty take-out container of veggie chili on my desk
3) Go to sleep. Now.

three careers you are considering.
I've already found my career - journalist. But in another life:
1) Personal trainer
2) Communications director for environmental or animal advocacy group
3) Restaurateur

three places you want to go on vacation.
1) Glacier National Park
2) Lake Como
3) Boracay

three things you want to do before you die.
1) Complete a triathlon
2) Write the story of my life
3) Travel for one year straight


  1. Nice 3x post. I guess that you do like eggs.

  2. ok... you have totally won me over now, as I have been occasionally teasing you on your blog... but since you said 'xtc' you can put me in your admirer column... jeesh I hate being sincere.

  3. That's a cool list, Bex. Funny how those three careers are so different, yet in a way very similar. All three are kind of a service business. Interesting.