Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sleep is not an option

Whooo-eee. Things have been happening out here. In between reporting and filing stories, I booked a couple of dog-friendly hotels and B&B's (NOT and easy task) for our cross-country road trip next week. Also drafting and creating "Save The Date" cards for impending nuptials celebration in October.

On a tangent: Among brides-to-be, these cards are known as "STDs." How unfortunate. Then again, these women are acronym-happy. They call their fiances, "FI." The mother of the bride is "MOB" and maid or matron of honor is "MOH." And the best man? Why, of course, "BM." Eeeeeeuuuwww.

Running Update: My 6-mile run on Tuesday evening felt great. Kept a steady 9:09/mile pace, which felt comfortable, but still a good workout. I'm starting to get the hang of this running thang.

Yesterday, I was just too busy to exercise (I do not count the 3 miles a day I walk to and from the Metro). So this afternoon, I'm going to squeeze in a 5-mile tempo run. Tomorrow, I'm hitting the weights hard and going for a 3-mile easy run. Sunday is a steep hill workout. Bring it on!

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  1. Have you read Paul Reiser's book "Couplehood"? I think that was the title. Damn funny stuff about weddings in there. He uses MOTB I think for mother of the bride. You should read it. Yeah, in all your spare time, right? :)